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Case studies and other findings from the workshops

Experience tells us that Community Service Organisations (CSOs), the organisations who support people to lead independent and fulfilling lives, make major contributions to how our communities prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. However, many CSOs are highly vulnerable to the impacts of emergencies and extreme weather. Meaning that they may have their services disrupted or risk closure during these events which puts their already ‘at risk’ clients at a higher level of vulnerability.

Across the 2 years of funding the CSO Shared Responsibility project sought to increase the capacity of CSO’s to be prepared and prepare their clients/ customers/ community members for an emergency. The Project aimed to create stronger links between CSOs and Emergency Management Organisations (EMO’s) to the mutual benefit of both.

Whilst EMOs are experienced at handling emergencies, CSO’s have the in depth knowledge of the communities in which they work. They know which community members are at a higher risk, who are the key leaders within a community and what resources and services are available locally. Marrying these two groups to share their knowledge and skills is of benefit to the whole community in an emergency.

Below is a range of organisations and networks who have demonstrated that they are actively taking steps to improve their preparedness as well as their ability to respond and recover from emergencies.

Southern Cross Care - Aged Care setting supporting clients to be better prepared for emergencies

Rural City of Murray Bridge - Local Government leads community of practice after local disaster

Eyre Peninsula Communities - Working together to form Emergency Ready Committees

Catholic Health Safety and Welfare - Increasing the understanding of shared responsibility and social connectedness

Murray Mallee Collaborative Project - Supporting older people and people with disabilities build their resilience through increasing social connectedness and the preparedness of agencies

Further information about the impact the CSO Shared Responsibility project had can be found in the final report*:

CSO Project Final Report (*coming Soon)


Published Date: 
Wednesday, 15 May 2019