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2022 Climate Conference - Speaker Dr Veronica Matthews

Dr Veronica Matthews, Senior Research Fellow, University Centre for Rural Health, The University of Sydney

Veronica is a proud Quandamooka woman, passionate about health of Country and wellbeing of community. Her work centres Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of thinking and being, taking a holistic view of health systems that encompass connections to community, culture and Country. She co-leads the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Knowledges theme of the Healthy Environments and Lives (HEAL) Network, a national collaboration that brings together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wisdom, public health, epidemiology, sustainable development, and data science and communication to address environmental change and its impacts on health. She co-leads the Centre for Research Excellence in Strengthening systems for InDigenous healthcare Equity (CRE-STRIDE) a multi-disciplinary quality improvement network aiming to strengthen primary health care systems and its interconnections to other sectors that impact on health and wellbeing.